Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 part 2

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 part 1
Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 part 2

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 25-27

It was the beginning of July, My parents and I were in a plane heading home from our vacation. A crew announced the passengers that we were going to land in the airport in a few minutes. While listening to the announcement, I was looking outside through the window and saw how dark the sky was. It was raining heavily and lightnings sparked here and there. Suddenly, I felt the plane went bumpy. The impact was low at the beginning, however it gradually became terrible. Everything shook terribly. People started to scream in fear. I hold my parents' hands. I heard my Dad was praying while Mom tried to soothe me. Fortunately, our plane landed safely at the airport under that extreme weather. I thanked God for saving my parents and I.

25. What was the writer's mother doing during the turbulence?
A. She was holding her usband's hand.
B. She was calming the writer down.
C. She was praying for help.
D. She was crying for fear.

26. The turbulence was caused by ....
A. the bad weather
B. the size of the plane
C. the height of the flight
D. the damage on one of the machines

27. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?
A. The writer saw that it was raining heavily and lightning outside.
B. The writer was enjoying the announcement made by the crew.
C. A crew was announcing that they were going to land soon.
D. The lightning outside scared the writer

Kata kata sulit dari Bacaan
Beginning = awal
Heading home = menuju rumah
Vacation = liburan
Announced = mengumumkan
Passengers = penumpang
Land = mendarat
Announcemnt = pengumuman
Outside = daearah luar
Through = melalui
Dark = gelap
Heavily = lebat
Lightings = petir
Sparked = terpancar
Suddenly = diba tiba
Felt = merasakan
Bumpy = ketidaknyamanan
Terrible = mengerikan
Scream = menjerit
Praying = berdoa
Fortunately = beruntungnya
Under = dibawah
Weather = cuaca
Soothe = menenangkan

25. Jawaban B

Pembahasan. pertanyaan tersebut berarti “ apa yang dilakukan ibu dari penulis ketika ada guncangan” jawabannya dapat dilihat pada paragraph 3 “ I heard my dad was praying while Mom tried to soothe me” yang berarti “ saya mendengar ayah saya berdoa dan ibu saya mencoba untuk menenangkan saya”

26. Jawaban A

Pembahasan. pada dasarnya bacaan tersebut menjelaskan pesawat yang akan mendarat dalam keadaan cuaca yang buruk “ Our plane landed safely at the airport under that extreme weahter” yang artinya pesawat tersebut mendarat dalam keadaan cuaca yang sangat buruk

27. Jawaban C

Pembahasan. inti dari ide pokok dalam paragraph dua dapat ditemukan pada kalimat pertama “ a crew announced the passengers that we were goung to land in the air port in a few minutes” yang hampir mirip dengan pilihan C

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 28 - 30

Last summer, when mum and dad weren't feeling well, Tom was taking his dog, Paddy, for a walk. Suddenly there was a rabbit running across the path they were taking. Paddy barked very loud and the scared rabbit ran into the bushes. Although Tom was trying hard to grip the collar, Paddy was running after the rabbit. That was the last time he saw Paddy. He tried to look for him for days. Finally, five weeks later, when Tom was out for a coffee at Motorway Cafe, his parents called. They were having lunch when they heard a dog barked outside the house. The hurriedly went out and there was Paddy wigling his tail.

28. "That was the last time he saw Paddy" The word he refer to ....
A. Father
B. Tom
C. Rabbit
D. Paddy

29. How did Paddy get lost?
A. He was hungry and searched for a food
B. He followed motorbike riders away
C. He saw a rabbit and ran after it
D. He felt bored and took a walk

30. The text generally talks about ....
A. the coming back of the lost dog
B. a long journey of the dog
C. a holiday experience in Scotland
D. the disappearance of a dog

Kata kata sulit dari Bacaan
Feeling well = merasa enak
Walk =jalan jalan
Suddenly = tiba tiba
Rabbit = kelinci
Across = menyeberangi
Path = jalan
Barked = menggonggong
Loud = dengan keras
Scared = menakuti
Bushes = semak belukar
Grip = memegang
Running after = mengejar
Look for = mencari
Hurriedly = dengan segera
Wigling = mengibaskan
Tail = ekor

28.jawaban B

Pembahasan. kata He dalam kalimat tersebut adalah Tom “Although Tom was trying hard to grip the collar, Paddy was running after the rabbit. That was the last time he saw Paddy”

29. Jawaban C Pembahasan. pada dasarnya Paddy hilang karena dia mengejar Kelinci, “Paddy was running after the rabbit. That was the last time he saw Paddy” Pilihan A berarti “ dia marah dan mencari makanan”, pilihan B “ dia mengikuti motor melakirakn diri “, pilihan C “ dia melihat kelinci dan mengejarnya” , pilihan D “ dia merasa bosan dan berjalan jalan”

30. Jawaban A

Pembahasan. pada dasarnya cerita tersebut menceritakan tentang kembalinya sang Anjing,pilihan A “ kembalinya Anjing yang hilang”

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 31-34

An ant nimbly running in search of food came across a chrysalis that was close its time to change. The chrysalis moved and this attracted the attention of the ant who for the first time realized that it was a living thing. "Poor, pitiable animal!", cried the ant disdainfully "what a sad fate is yours! While I can run with my pleasure, you lie imprisoned here in your shell". The chrysalis heard all this, but did not try to make any reply. After a few days, when the ant passed that way again, nothing but the shell remained. Wondering what had happened to its content, he felt himself suddenly shaded and fanned by the gorgeous wings of a beautiful butterfly. "Behold in me," said the butterfly, "your much pitied friend!". So the butterfly rose in the air and lost in the summer breeze.

31. What happened to the chrysalis after few days?
A. The chrysalis had gone from the shell
B. The chrysalis had become a butterfly
C. The ant felt sad about chrysalis death
D. The ant felt happy for the butterfly

32. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
A. Chrysalis is a animal
B. The chrysalis lie imprisoned
C. The ant was feeling sorry for the chrysalis
D. The ant goes around to have fun

33. The text generally tells us about ....
A. the adventure of an ant
B. the ant and the chrysalis
C. the changing of the chrysalis
D. the regret of the ant

34. From the text we can learn that ....
A. we have to be arrogant to others
B. freedom is everything in life
C. we have to take revenge
D. the appearance may be deceptive

Kata kata sulit dalam Bacaan
Nimbly = dapat bergerak denganmudah
Search = mencari
Came across = bertemu secara tidak sengaja
Chrysalis = kepompong
Pitiable = kasihan
Disdainfully = dengan penuh rasa hormat
Imprisoned = terpenjara
Shell = cangkang
Reply = jawaban
Passed that way = jalan
Wondering = ragu
Content = isi
Shaded = terkecut karena cahaya menyilaukan

31. Jawaban B

Pembasan. Soal ini berarti “ apa yang terjadi pada kepompong setelah beberap hari ?” jawaban dari kalimat awal pada paragraph dua dan menceritakan kalau kepompong telah berubah menjadi kupu kupu sehingga jawaban paling cocok adalah B

32. Jawaban B

Pembahasan. inti cerita pada paragraph pertama adalah seorang semut yang menemui kepompong tidak dapat berbuat apa apa,dan semut tersebut merasa kasihan pada kepompong tersebut sehingga pilihan jawabannya adalah C “ the ant was feeling sorry fot the chrysalis” yang artinya “ semut merasa kasihan pada kepompong”

33. Jawaban B

Pembahasan. pada dasarnya kisah pada teks tersebut mengisahkan tentang semut dan kupu kupu

34. Jawaban D

Pembahasan. nilai moral dari teks tersebut adalah kita tidak boleh tertipu oleh oleh penampilan orang lain. Berikut ini arti dari masing masing pilihan “ we have to be arrogant to others = kita tidak boleh arogan dengan yang lain”, “ Freedom is everything in life = kebebasan adalah segala sesuatu dalam kehidupan kita “ , “ We have to take revenge = kita harus membalas dendam” , “ the appearance may be deceptive = penampilan bisa menipu”

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 35 - 38

Two frogs had lived in a village all their lives. They thought they would like to go and see the big city that was about ten miles away. They talked about it for a long time and at last they set off to the city. It was a hot day, and they soon began to feel tired. They had only gone a little way when one said to the other, "we must be nearly there, can you see the city?" "No," said the other frog, "but if I climb on your back I might be able to see it." So he climbed up on the back of the other frog to see the city. Now when the frog put up his head, his eyes could only see what was behind. And not what was in the front. So he saw the village they had just left. "Can you see the city?" asked the frog who was below. "Yes," answered the frog who had climbed up." I can see it. It looks just like our village." Then the frogs thought that it was not worthwhile going any further. They went back and told the frogs in the village that they had seen the city, and it was just like theirs.

35. What did they feel on their way to find a big city?
A. Happy.
B. Glad.
C. Sad.
D. Tired.

36. Why did one of the frogs climb on the other's back?
A. It felt tired.
B. It was a hot day.
C. It could not see the city.
D. It thought it was worthwhile.

37. " ...at last they set off to see the city." (Paragraph 2) The underlined word means ....
A. left
B. gave up
C. decided
D. stopped

38. What is the moral value of the text?
A. Never do something useless with your friends.
B. Never trust within a single opinion without other evidences.
C. We have to accept whatever information we receive.
D. We can always ask someone's opinions for anything

Kata kata sulit dari Bacaan
About ten miles away = kira kira sepuluh mile jaraknya.
Talked = membicarakan
At last = akhirnya
Set off = memulai
Tired = lelah
Nearly = hampir
Climb = memanjat
Left = tinggalkan
Worthwhile = berguna
Further = lebih jauh

35. Jawaban D

Pembahasan. pertanyaan tersebut berarti “ apa yang mereka rasakan pada perjalanan mereka menuju ke kota besar “ dan jawaban tersebut dapat dilihat pada paragraph ke tiga “ it was a hot day,and they soon began to feel tired” sehingga jawabannya adalah D

36. Jawaban C

Pembahasan. pertanyaan ini artinya adalah “ mengapa salah satu katak menaiki punggung katak yang lain ? “ jawabannya adalah karena dia tidak dapat melihat kota pilihan C “ it could not see the city “

37. Jawaban A

Pembahasan. Set off = pergi , Gave up = menyerah, decided =memutuskan, stopped = berhenti

38. Jawaban B

Pembahasan. nilai moral dari teks tersebut adalah jangan pernah mempercayai pendapat seseorang dengan bukti yang kuat Pilihan B, maksudnya dalam cerita si katak yang melihat dengan arah yang salah tetap berpendapat walaupun pendaptnya salah,dan si katak satunya mempercayainya sehingga mereka gagal mendapatkan apa tujuan mereka

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 39 - 42

Jellyfish are not really fish. They are invertebrate animals. This means that unlike fish or people, they have no backbones. In fact, they have no bones at all. Jellyfish have stomachs and mouths, but no heads. They have nervous systems for sensing the world around them, but no brains. They are made almost entirely of water, which is why you can look through them. Some jellyfish can glow in darkness by making their own light. The light is made by a chemical reaction inside the jellyfish. Scientists believe jellyfish glow for several reasons. For example, they may glow to scare away predators or to attract animals they like to eat. Most jellyfish live in salt water, apart from a few types that live in fresh water. Jellyfish are found in oceans and seas all over the world. They live in warm, tropical seas and in icy waters near the North and South poles.

39. Which one creates Jellyfish's light?
A. White blood.
B. Nervous system.
C. Chemical reaction.
D. Salt water.

40. Based on the text, we know that ....
A. they belong to invertebrate animals
B. they have heads like other animals
C. their brain helps them find the food
D. they cannot live in fresh water

41. What is the text about?
A. Jellyfish.
B. Kinds of all fish.
C. All invertebrate animals.
D. Some kinds of sea animals.

42. "Some jellyfish can glow in darkness by making their own light." ( paragraph 3 ) The word "glow" in the sentence means ... .
A. move
B. produce
C. appear
D. shine

Kata kata sulit dari Bacaan
Jellyfish = ubur ubur
Invertebrate = hewan tidak bertulang belakang
Means = berarti
Backbones = tulang belakang
Stomach = perut
Mouth = mulut
Nervous = cemas
Sensing = merasakan
Around = disekitar
Entirely = keseluruhan
Glow = berkilau
Darkness = kegelapan
Own light = cahaya sendiri
Chemical = kimia
Inside = didalam
Scare away =menakuti
Predators = pemangsa
Attrract = menarik
Salt water = air asin
Icy = es

39. jawaban C

Pembahasan. kalimat ini berarti “ apa yang membuat cahaya pada ubur ubur?” jawabannya adalah cahay pilihan C, “ the light is made by a chemical reaction inside the jellyfish” yang artinya cahaya dibuat oleh bahan kimia dalam tubuh ubur ubur .

40. Jawaban A

Pembahasan. pilihan A lihat kalimat “ they are invertrebrate animals”. Pilihan B lihat kalimat “ Jellyfish have stomachs and mouths,but no heads”. Pilihan C lihat kalimat “ they have nervous systems for sensing the world around them,but no brains” pilhan D lihat kalimat “ Most jellyfish live in salt water,apart from a few types that live in fresh water”

41. Jawaban A

Pembahasan. pada dasarnya teks tersebut menceritakan tentang Jellyfish

42. Jawaban D

Pembahasan. kata Glow artinya adalah bersinar jadi pilihannya adalah D, move = bergerak, produce = meproduksi, appear = menampakkan

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 43 - 45

I went to Germany with my family ... (43) a school holiday a few years ago. It was getting dark, so we were looking for a hotel. Then we ... (44) upon two hotels next each other with ... (45) opening. We just randomly chose one and settled for the night

A. for
B. from
C. since
D. during

A. come
B. came
C. comes
D. coming

A. park
B. store
C. job
D. room

Kata kata sulit dalam bacaan
Went = pergi
Getting dark = gelap
Looking for = mencari
Next each other = berdampingan
Randomly = secara acak
Chose =memilih
Settled = menetap

43. Jawaban D

Pembahasan for = untuk, from = dari, since= sejak, during = selama.jadi yang cocok adalah D “ i went to germany with my family during a school holiday a few years ago” yang artinya saya pergi ke jerman dengan keluarga saya selama liburan sekolah beberapa tahun yang lalu

44. Jawaban B

Pembahasan. teks tersebut adalah teks recount dan menggunakan kalimat simple past tense, sehingga kata yang digunakan adalah kata kerja jenis 2 dan pilihannnya adalah Came

45. Jawaban A

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 46 - 48

In my house, I have two rose shrubs. I water them every morning and I am happy to see them grow. On one plant, there are some blossoming roses. They look very beautiful and smell so (46) .... There are also some roses that are still wrapped in tight green buds. Although I really want to, I never saw the blossoming process. I enjoy seeing and touching each delicate petal of the roses lightly. But if I (47) ... it, I should be very (48) ..., otherwise I will spoil the petals.

A. bad
B. nice
C. scentless
D. unpleasant

A. touch
B. touches
C. touched
D. touching

A. rough
B. skilful
C. careful
D. careless

Kata kata sulit dari Bacaan
Rose =mawar
Shrubs = tumbuhan tidak terlalu tinggi
Grow = tumbuh
Blossoming = bersemi
Smell = tercium
Wrapped = terselubung
Tight = dengan kencang
Buds = daun
Delicate = lembut
Otherwise = atau sebagai akibat
Spoil =merusak

46. Jawaban B

Pembahasan. Bad = buruk, nice =menyenangkan, scentless = tak sedap , unpleasant = menyenangkan .jawaban B “ they look very beautiful and smell so nice” yang artinya mereka nampak cantik dan tercium menyenangkan.

47. Jawaban A

Pembahasan. kalimat ini menggunakan kalimat Simple present tense, jadi karena subjectnya adalah I maka kita menggukan kata kerja Verb 1 sehingga pilihannya adalah A

48. Jawaban C

Pembahasan. rough = keras, skilful = berkeahlian, careful = hati hati,careless = ceroboh

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