Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 part 1

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 part 1
Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 part 2

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 1- 2

Dear Ayu.

How are you? Here is some information you'll need. The examination will be held soon, started from June 2"d. Calculator and dictionary are not allowed. Lateness is not tolerated. The first day is Indonesian. It will be held for four days. Don't forget to bring your examination card. See you soon. Take care.



1. Based on the text, what's prohibited to do during the examination?
A. To be punctual.
B. To buy a calculator.
C. To bring your examination card.
D. To open a dictionary in class

2. From the text we can say that ....
A. Ayu does not need any information
B. Ayu should study English for the first day
C. ten minutes late is still tolerated
D. a dictionary is prohibited during examination

Kata kata sulit dalam Bacaan
Examination = ujian
Held = diadakan
Soon = dengan segera
Allowed = mengijinkan
Lateness = keterlambatan
Tolerated = toleransi
Examination card = kartu tes
Take care = jaga baik baik

1. Jawaban D

Pembahasan. arti dari prohibited = larangan, during = selama, examination =test, dari pertanyaan tersebut artinya adalah “ berdasarkan pada teks, apa yang dilarang selama test ? “ jadi jawabannya adalah to open a dictionary, yang dapat dijumpai pada kalimat “ Calculator and dictionary are not allowed” yang artinya adalah Kalkulator dan kamus tidak boleh dibuka.

2. Jawaban D

Pembahasan. pada kalimat ini kita harus mengetahui isi dari bacaan secara keseluruhan. Dan yang sesuai dengan pilihan adalah D.
Ayu does not need any information = ayu tidak membutuhkan informasi
Ayu should study English for the first day = Ayu seharusnya belajar bahasa inggris pada hari pertama, padahal hari pertama pelajarannya adalah Bahasa Indonesia “ the first day is Indonesian”
Ten minutes late is still tolerated = telat sepuluh menit masih ditoleransi, padahal tidak ada toleransi untuk keterlambatan “ lateness is not tolerated”

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 3-4

The following text is for questions number 3 and 4.

To: Salsa F

inally you did it. You have finished your study excellently and accepted by the best senior high school in your city. Your achievement prove that you're the best. Keep your good job!



3. From the text we know that ...
A. Salsa is the best student in her city
B. Nanda asks Salsa to enter her senior high school
C. Salsa did not pass the examination
D. Salsa will study in the best senior high school

4. Your achievement proves that you're the best. The underlined word means ....
A. development
B. assessment
C. success
D. process

Kata kata sulit dalam Bacaan
Finally =akhirnya
Finished = menyelesaikan
Excellently =dengan bagus secara ekselent
Accepted = diterima
Achievement = prestasi
Prove =membuktikan

3. Jawaban D

Pembahasan. Pada soal no ini menayakan tentang pernyataan apa yang benar dari jawaban. Salsa Is the best student in her city = salsa adalah siswa terbaik di kotanya / tidak sesuai dengan teks Nanda asks Salsa to enter her senior high school = Nanda meminta Salsa untuk memasuki SMA nya tidak sesuai dengan teks Salsa Did not pass the examination = salsa tidak lulus ujian / tidak sesua denan teks Salsa will study in the best senior high school = Salsa akan belajar di SMA terbaik = “ …and accepted by the best senior high school”

4. Jawaban C
Achievement = prestasi /keberhasilan
Development =kemajuan
Assessment = penilaian
Success =sukses
Process = prosess

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 5- 6

Please come and celebrate with us at a
Surprise Graduation Party
in honour of our Son's hard work and effort!
Mathew has gained a BA
(Hoes Graphic Design from Glasgow School of Art)

Join us on
Saturday March 25"', 2012 at 7.30 pm
The Castle Rooms, Uddingston. See you there!

Tony and Louise Gates Please R.S. V.P. by Monday March 13"', Proud Mum - Louise Gates, Orchardlton Cottage, Main Street, Rothesay, Isle of Bute.

5. Where is the party?
A. Mathew Orchadlton Cottage
B. Glasgow School of Art
C. Uddingston
D. The Castle Rooms

6. From the text we can say that ....
A. the party will be held in Orchardlton Cottage
B. Tony and Louise Gates are Mathew's parents
C. Mathew must work hard to pass the examination
D. you should confirm to Mathew before coming to the party

Kata kata sulit dari Bacaan
Celebrate = merayakan
Honour =menghormati
Hard work =kerja keras
Effort = usaha
Gained = mendapatkan

5. Jawaban D/C

Pembahasan lihat bagian teks yang menyatakan kapan dan dimana

6. Jawaban B

Pembahasan. surat tersebut adalah undangan, pihak yang mengundang adalah Tony dan Louses Gates,mereka mengundang karena ingin merayakan kelulusan anaknya , Mathew, yang telah lulus dari Glasgow School of Art. Yang sesuai dengan teks adalah piliah B “ Tony dan Louise Gates adalah orang tua dari Mathew”

7. Jawaban B

Pembahasan. arti dari kata tersebut adalah “ dikarenakan banyak terumbu karang yang runcing, pengunjung dilarang untuk berenang sepanjang area ini” kata kata tersebut biasanya berada di Pantai.

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 7


7. Where do we usually find the text?
A. at the lake
B. At the beach
C. At the river bank
D. At the swimming pool

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 8- 10


Based on the Approval Letter of the Governor of Bank Indonesia no. 13/108/KEP.GBI/201 I on 29 December 2011, we are pleased to announce that effective from 12 January 2012, PT Saphire Bank has changed its name to PT Bank Diamond Indonesia The name change reflects the shareholding increase of Saphire Group Limited from 85% to 99% in PT Bank Diamond Indonesia as well as our strong and continuing support to Indonesia's economic growth. Jakarta, 12 January 2012

Board of Directors

PT Bank Diamond Indonesia

8. Why does the bank change its name? Because ....
A. they commited to support Indonesian economic grownth
B. there are some changes in shareholding
C. the governor of Bank Indonesia request it
D. they already announce it to the public

9. The name change reflects the shareholding increase ..." The underlined word closest in meaning with ....
A. mirrors
B. shows
C. makes
D. improves

10. The text above is about ....
A. Bank Indonesia closing a certain bank B. a change of a bank ownership C. a change of name of a bank D. an announcement of a bank bankruptcy

Kata kata sulit dari Bacaan
Announcement = pengumuman
Approval letter = surat persetujuan
Pleased = bangga /berterima kasih
Effective = secara efektif
Changed = mengubah
Reflects = mencerminkan
Shareholding = pembagian
Increase = meningkat
Support = dukungan
Board of Directors = ketua direksi

8. Jawaban B

Pembahasan. pertanyaan tersebut berarti “ mengapa bank mengganti namanya ? karena ...” jawaban yang paling benar adalah B, “there are some changes in shareholding” yang berarti ada penggantian dalam pembagian saham, dibuktikan dalam kalimat “ the name change reflects the shareholding increase of Shapire Group Limited ...”

9. Jawaban A

Pembahasan. kata Reflects = mencerminkan, mirrors =mencerminkan, shows =menunjukkan, makes = membuat, improves = menaikkan.

10. Jawaban C

Pembahasan. inti dari Teks tersebut adalah adanya perubahan nama pada Bank yang beralasan karena perubahan shareholder

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 11-12


Fast relief for:
Congestion 100 tablets
Runny nose USP
Coughs 200 mg


11. Which of the following sickness cannot be relieved by this medicine?
A. Headache.
B. Coughs.
C. Cancer.
D. Fever.

12. What's the writer's purpose to write the text above?
A. To inform the process of making Cold Breaker.
B. To persuade people to use the product.
C. To explain the ingredients of the product
D. To describe the illnesses that can be cured

Kata kata sulit dari bacaan
Cold = demam
Breaker = obat
Relief = mengobati
Congestion = pegal pegal
Runny nose = pileg
Coughs = batuk
Available = tersedia
Store = toko toko

11. Jawaban C

Pembahasan. Pertanyaan tersebut mengandung arti “ mana diantara penyakit berikut yang dapat disembuhkan oleh obat ? “ dan yang tidak ada dalam daftar adalah pilihan C

12. Jawaban B

Pembahasan. Tejse tersebut adalah iklan dan fungsi dari Iklan adalah menarik pelanggan sebanyak mungkin “ to persuade people to use the product”

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 13-15

From : rehan_ca@yahoo.co.id To : ivan ganteng@gmail.com

Dear Ivan,

How's life? I know you must be very busy these days since it's the beginning of the term. I hope you are not too tired and still have time for yourself. I found that the school here is exciting too. I have made a lot of friends, I'll tell you about them later on my next e-mail. I have a new hobby now. Planting! You won't believe it, I grow so many kinds of fruit -here such as guava, mango, orange, and dragon fruit. I usually buy the seed at a nearby shop. I'm crazy about planting now. I guess because it's so easy to get the seeds or young plants, and the soil here seems so nice to plants. Everything grows easily here. I own a small farm behind my house. I love my farm. It's about two hundreds square meter. My little brother helps me at the farm. We make a great team. Well, I promise to send you some fruits when they are ripe someday and let me now how they taste.



13. Rehan will give some of his crops to Ivan when ....
A. his brother helps him
B. the fruit are ripe
C. Ivan visits him
D. the plants grow well

14. What is the main idea of paragraph one?
A. Ivan is very busy since it is the beginning of the term
B. Rehan found that his new school is exciting.
C. Ivan is very tired these days.
D. Rehan is asking about Ivan's life.

15. Rehan mainly tells Ivan about ... in his e-mail.
A. how to grow plants
B. his new hobby
C. his new school
D. his team work

Kata kata sulit dalam Bacaan
Know = mengetahui
Busy = sibuk
Term = keadaan
Hope = mengharapkan
Tired = lelah
Found = menyadari
Exciting = luar biasa bagus
Planting = menanam
Grow = menumbuhkan
Seed = bijian
Nearby = terdekat
Soil = tanah
Own = memiliki
Farm = pertanian
Promise = berjanji
Fruits = buah buahan
Ripe = matang
Taste = rasa

13. Jawaban B

Pembahasan . Pertanyaan ini jawabannya dapat ditemukan pada kalimat terakhir “ I promise to send some fruits when they are ripe someday and let me now how they taste” dan pertanyaan tersebut akan sama jawabannya pada kalimat B

14. Jawaban D

Pembahasan. Paragraph pertama menceritakan tentang bagaimana kabar dari Ivan

15. Jawaban B

Pembahasan. Pada dasarnya Rehan Menuli surat tersebut untuk menceritakna tentang hobby barunya yaitu menanam.

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 16-18

How to Repel Mice

Mice might look cute, but they can be harmful pets that destroy household items, eat and mess with food and can spread severe diseases through their feces and parasites they carry. Here are some useful tips on how to repel house mice:

1. Use peppermint, put the peppermint near wall corners.

2. Pour generous amount of peppermint oil on cotton balls.

3. Place the saturated cotton balls on areas where mice are possibly seen-around counter tops, under the sofas in your living room.

4. Put them behind shelves, wall corners or on the floor beneath your kitchen sink.

16. Why do we use peppermint to repel mice? Because …
A. peppermint is fresh to breathe
B. mice love the peppermint
C. mice will die of breathing mint
D. mice hate the smell of peppermint

17. From the text above, we can conclude that ...
A. mice spread severe diseases through feces
B. peppermint is useful to repel mice
C. mice love peppermint
D. we can place oil everywhere to repel mice

18. "Put them behind shelves ..." The word "them" refers to ....
A. pets
B. peppermint
C. cotton balls
D. peppermint oil

Kata kata sulit dari bacaan
Repel = mengusir
Cute = manis
Harmful = berbahaya
Destroy = merusak
Household = perabotan rumah tangga
Mess = mengkotori
Spread = menebarkan
Severe = ganas
Diseases = penyakit
Feces = kotoran
Carry = bawa
Useful = berguna
Near = dekat
Corners = pojokan
Pour = tebarkan
Cotton = katun
Saturated = basah
Shelves = rak
Beneath = dibawah
Sink = tempat mencuci piring

16. Jawaban D

Pembahasan. Pada dasarnya teks tersebut menceritakan tentang cara mengusir tikus, bukan membunuhnya, dan pilihan yang paling tepat adalah D, “ tikus membenci aroma dari Peppermint”

17. Jawaban B

Pembahasan. Pilihan A, memang benar akan tetapi konteksnya terlalu sempit tidak menceritakan teks secara keseluruhan “ Tikus menyebarkan penyakit ganas melalui kotorannya” Pilihan B tepat sesuai dengan teks, Peppermint berguna untuk mengusir tikus Pilihan C tidak sesuai dengan teks. “ TIkus mencintai peppermint” Pilihan D tidak sesuai dengan teks. Karena harusnya kita boleh meletakkan peppermint di tempat tempat tertentu saja.

18. Jawaban C

pembahasan. Kata Them adalah pengganti dari Cotton Balls yang sudah dicampuri oleh Pepper Mint

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 19 - 21

The following text is for questions number 19 to 21.

I live in L.a Castellana. My neighborhood is very quiet and very old. There are many big houses and some apartement buildings. The streets are clean and spacious. Near my house there are two schools and a university. There are some public parks. The houses have large gardens. There are many huge trees along the streets. My neighborhood is near 80th Avenue which is a commercial sector. There are many offices and stores. At night, all the bars and restaurants open until late. It is very crowded at night. Transportation in my neighborhood is very easy. 80th Avenue is passed by many bus routes and taxis. I can walk to nearly every parts of the city because everything is in a walking distance. I love living in this neighborhood.

19. What can't you find near the writer's house during day time?
A. 80th Avenue and stores
B. Gardens and trees.
C. Schools and a university.
D. Many people in bars.

20. Why does the writer love living in La Castellani? Because ....
A. there are many office and stores.
B. her neighbourhood is a commercial sector.
C. her house is close to bars and restaurants.
D. her neighbourhood is very convenient.

21. "... which is a commercial sector." (paragraph 2) The underline words are similar in meaning with a/an....
A. appointment point
B. convenient place
C. profitable location
D. business district

Kata Kata sulit dari Bacaan
Neighborhood = tetangga /lingkungan
Quiet = tenang
Spacious = luas
Public parks = taman umum
Along = sepanjang
Crowded = ramai
Passed = dilewati
Walking distance = dapat dijangkau dengan berjalan

19. Jawaban C

Pembahasan. day time = siang hari, pada siang hari di sekitar penulis terdapat beberapa sekolah dan universitas, hal ini dapat dilihat pada kalimat “ Near my house there are two schools and a university”

20. Jawaban D

Pembahasan. intinya diantara lingkungan dari Penulis adalah segala kenyamanan hal ini dibuktikan dengan alasan seperti pada pilihan A,B, C sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa “ her neighbourhood is very convenient “ yang artinya lingkungan dari penulis sangat nyaman.

21. Jawaban D

Pembahasan. Commercial = business district Convenient = nyaman, profitable = menguntungkan ,appointment point = tempat janjian

Soal UN Bahasa Inggris SMP 2011/2012 no 22 -23

Boyolali regency is located in north of Solo and east of Merapi and Merbabu Mountains. This regency has been known for its production of fresh milk for a long time. No wonder, the cow statues adorn Boyolali town. There are six main cow statues in Boyolali. They are displayed in different places. The statues are made of concrete. The colour and shape are made in such a way to resemble the real cows. However, the size is made bigger to catch the eye. Besides decorating the town, the statues also turn out to be helpful for people from out of town to find places they are seeking in Boyolali. By mentioning the position of the statue, people can get their way easily.

22. " ... they are seeking in Boyolali" (paragraph 3) What does the underlined word refer to?
A. People from out town
B. Places in Boyolali.
C. Cow statues.
D. Real cows.

23. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. The statues help people to find places easily.
B. The statues decorate the town beautifully.
C. The cow can get their way easily around the town.
D. The people from out of town easily find the statues.

24. The text mainly tells us about ....
A. the colour of the statues
B. cow statues in Boyolali
C. a town called Boyolali
D. how to raise cows

Kata kata sulit dari Bacaan
Regency = kabupaten
Known = terkenal
Production = produksi
Wonder = ragu heran
Cow statues = patung sapi
Adorn = menghiasi
Displayed = ditontonkan /dipamerkan
Concrete = nyata
Resemble = menggambarkan
Catch = menangkap
Turn out = digunakan
Seeking = mencari
Mentioning = menyebutkan
Way = jalan
22. Jawaban A
Pembahasan. kata they dalam kalimat tersebut berarti orang dari luar kota “ People from out town”
23. Jawaban A vPembahasan. ide pokok dari paragraph ke tiga adalah patung membantu orang – orang dari luar kota menemukan tempat dengan mudah. v24. Jawaban B
Pembahasan. pada umumnya teks tersebut menceritakan tentang “Cow statues in Boyolali” yang berarti patung sapi di boyolali

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